• "Introducing the ETCH Clock, a unique take on a digital display"

    "The Etch is a Morphing Digital Clock Sculpture"

    "ETCH clock engraves time in a sculptural way"

    "One of the most interesting timekeeping concepts ever imagined"

    "ETCH Clock makes time look like a sculpture"

    " A piece of the future and literally the coolest clock on the planet"


    "The Carpe Diem Clock!"

    "ETCH Brings magic to checking the time"

    " A “wow” effect to surprise you every

    single minute"

    "Une superbe horloge qui grave le temps qui passe"

    "A Solid Slab Of Rock With The Time Etched On Its Surface"

    "可口可乐说“此刻是金” 没想到这款表真的雕刻了时间"

    " なんかおしゃれでいいかも。 "

  • Red Dot Award 2020 winners

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    Innovation Award

    We're simply thrilled to be recognized by the world's leading design awards.

    Since 1955, designers and producers from around the world have entered the prestigious design competition with the winners being presented in an annual ceremony. Over 15,000 entries from 70 countries enter the annual competition.

    42Foundry received the award for its ETCH Clock.



  • New Red Color

    RED color added to our collection

    etch Clock RED Version

    ETCH Clock RED special version

    Enjoy this new ETCH Clock version in RED color.

    We have decided to build this new color thanks to the wish of a well known designer in the high tech panorama :)

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  • ETCH Clock: a new paradigma


    ETCH Clock makes wake up your imagination about a new way to look at time.

    ETCH is transforming an elastic membrane into digital numbers, while
    engraving an elastic surface with a smooth and relaxing actuation.
    After this time display, all will return to the initial position.




    Time is an important aspect of our life. Time is running too fast and we underestimate the important moments. We would like to add a bit of magic to your important personal moments. ETCH is even giving a physical presence to time with the 3D numbers engraved in its membrane.

    Moments are very unique, time can be expressed in mere numbers but actually it is much more! ETCH gives to time more importance.

    Some events are happening only once and then are gone for ever... ETCH tries to mimic this reality with the vanishing effect of its display.


    The idea


    There are several ways to show information and in particular time. ETCH is proposing a new method exploiting a real 3D effect. With the digital world we are used to see 7 segments digits, graphical engraved or embossed fonts and in general displays and clocks everywhere. We wanted to blend in an unconventional way all these common experiences and be able to create a "wow effect" and surprise at every single minute.


    ETCH Clock with relaxed membran

    ETCH Clock consists in a colored and elastic membrane...

    ETCH clock displaying time when turned on

    ....that will transform itself into 3D digital numbers thanks to the patent pending technology.

  • ETCH Clock video



    ETCH clock corner aluminium detail


    The elegant aluminium frame and an elastic surface of elastomer with a dark Peacock color.

    The clock can be attached hanging on a wall or stay on a desk. In the latter case, just by screwing a base below the frame.

    ETCH Clock membrane color


    ETCH Clock is available for the moment only in one basic color. More colors to come in the future.

    ETCH Clock mobile app

    Mobile App

    With the App, if necessary, you can sync the ETCH time with the current time. The App also lets you choose 2 ways of displaying time.

    The first one "Sync & Go" will display time every 30 seconds.

    The second one "Sync & Sensor" will show time every 30 seconds but only if there is ambient sound or noise.

  • Technical data

    ETCH Clock hanging on wall

    Size: 40 x 40 cm

    Weight: approx 6 kg

    Power supply: 110-220 V ~10W

    Coated aluminium frame

    Thermo elastic colored surface

    App available for iOS and Android

    Swiss design and engineering



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  • About us

    42foundry is a company of design and technology enthousiastics. We do applied industrial design, concept design, including concept development, and research services. ETCH Clock is a multi-disciplinary result of many years of research and development inside the company.

    Johnny Vaccaro

    Johnny Vaccaro

    co-founder and ceo

    He has experience in internet and mobile startups, product development and industrial design.

    His dream trendy iphone app?

    A leash for small and mid dogs :)

    Gilles Caprari

    co-founder and cto

    In charge for mechatronic and industrialisation at 42foundry, he knows more about robots than humans.

    Filippo Riva

    co-founder and cfo

    More than 10 years experience in startups, from mobile to biotech.

    He is in charge for counting the pennies

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